Title: The Art Of Triumph

Artist: Nneka Jones

Size: 72 x 36 x 9"

Medium: Mixed Media

Date: 2016

The Art Of Triumph

  • Reasons for the title: “The Art of Triumph”

    The title presents the true essence of the mixed media mural. It extracts the main message governing survival and victory by using wordplay. The pun, “The Art of Triumph”, highlights the obvious as the entire painting exists as a form of artwork, however, it has an expressive and

    descriptive nature of relating the content of the painting without a literal explanation. The title therefore dismisses the pessimism associated with breast cancer and shines light on what many view as ‘unachievable’ and ‘impossible’. For the artist, a victory cannot be recognized without the appreciation for each stage throughout the battle, hence, the triumph of the breast cancer survivor is an art in itself.

    The title also gives reference to the use of symbolism in the painting as symbols have been a major aspect of the arts from historical times to present day. “The Art of Triumph” therefore serves as the perfect title to describe the marriage of the spirit of the mythical and powerful creature of the Phoenix and the different stages of breast cancer.

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