The Artists Studio (a look behind the veil)

Long before an artwork arrives in a public space it lives an entire lifetime of change and development in the artists studio. Studio spaces are places of great self exploration, growth and often frustration. Ideas take shape and others gather dust, long abandoned in moments of creative drought.

The studio itself has also become the focus of many creative efforts and masterpieces over the years, changing in its role and taking on the position of subject matter for masters such as Velasquez ('Las Meninas') and Matisse ('The Red studio'). Studio space and artist have also appeared together as equal elements of the portraits subject matter as is captured by Halsmans photograph of Dali in a gravity defying space.

For the curious among us these images offer a show and tell of the creative process and life of the artist. The range of setups is as varied as the artwork; sometime elaborate rooms of their own that double as solo exhibition spaces and other times a single table or easel is the only element that an artist uses to define their creative space.

Stand alone structures, the tiniest of rooms, shelves crammed with books or tools, fold out tables, sketches and notes, organized, chaotic, each is different. Looking at the pictures we can almost smell the paints and thinners and pencil shavings, hear the range of each artists unique playlist and imagine the number of times they have hurried away from an especially difficult piece thinking that they were ruining it past saving or stood back and watched it toying with the idea that maybe…maybe it is now finished.

These spaces are intimate connections between the artist and the art. In a time of global disconnection a peek behind the creative veil can feel even more intimate. Here is a quick look at some of the creative spaces of the TT art Space artists -

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