Our New Online Art World And The One We Left Behind

I get the skepticism often….”an online art gallery… but I can’t buy a piece of art without seeing it in person”

I have a simple and true response that I firmly believe in. If you can strip away all the external factors as we do when we view a work of art online and return to the artworks primary form as the visual then you can trust that your feeling toward a piece of art is a true acknowledgement of your own aesthetic and not being affected by external elements. The brilliance in this is that the artwork in real life can only be an extension if not a complete exaggeration of your initial response to the work.

At a time when all things have gone to the online space to be fulfilled, workouts, dance classes, office meetings, the Friday night lime, I find myself thinking again about our online space and where we hold the importance of the physical space of the art gallery.

Less than a month ago TT Art Space worked alongside one of our artists to setup their gallery exhibition. Opening night was by all means a success with a variety of art appreciators and buyers discussing the artwork and making purchases. And yet from my insider position I was aware of the very many people who had been invited, had responded with acceptance, but never showed. This is not uncommon and many exhibition openings suffer low attendance justified by a series of poor excuses usually to the tune of “I forgot”, “I didn’t have the time”, “I had too much on my plate that night/week”. We understand, life is (was) busy, but the ease with which art galleries are dismissed as unnecessary outings has always been a bit shocking to me. In the lineup of priorities we find that the art outing often sits below a night on the couch with the TV. But now the world has changed and it has all been taken away from us (with the exception of course of the couch and the TV option).

So what does this mean for art?

Well it seems that the online art gallery has moved from a secondary position of supporting the physical space to the primary way of interacting with art and despite skepticism the online art gallery is here to stay. So as a beginners course in how to enjoy art online we encourage you to get familiar with the website and social media pages for your local art gallery as a start or try the virtual tours and online tools of leading museums and art collections from around the world. Try The National Gallery London ,The MET and The Dali Theater Museum to get you started.

While online art is having its moment right we hope that as we graduate past our current state (of lockdown) and begin new lives in the world that we will hold dear these spaces of inspiration and wonder and treat art and culture with the great appreciation it deserves….and never miss another exhibition opening again.

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