The artist is in his studio....

a spare bedroom void of all furnishings except a paint covered desk, small chair and large wooden easel.

A fish tank is the only non essential in the room, although this may be an unfair statement as the fish stare intently at the 4ft canvas on the easel, I think it’s possible they are very essential somehow. An image is in progress, a landscape perhaps, mostly abstract marks and large swatches of colour, it’s anyone’s guess at this point (even the artist himself) and you would be a fool to try and predict the outcome. This isn’t the only piece being worked on at the moment; an equally large canvas was just carried out to the thoroughfare of the house and hung on a single nail there. Immediately the intention of this is realized as Holley’s eldest son comes into the room,

“You changed this? I think I liked it better before”

They both stand back now

“Yes but what about it this way” (the painting is apparently now hung in an entirely new orientation)

“Yeh, its cool like this, but now all I see is the man”

Holley is notorious for having faces hidden in his work, mostly unintentional although he does admit to teasing out some of the features on the prominent ones. I see the face in this one too but am too caught up in the new orientation, I can tell we are going to argue in the family at the end of this process on which way is the ‘right’ way up for this piece.

The exhibition as an event is not a goal set by Holley, who last publicly showed his work 3 years prior, it is instead a need that is born from the growth of the art collection. A natural and necessary progression for the artwork as it swells past containment. As such the 21 pieces, mostly large canvases will graduate to a new space at The Art Society Of Trinidad And Tobago where the artist hopes they will be observed and discussed in a way that would bring a sense of fulfillment to the artwork and the artist before the process starts all over again.

The artwork of Bruce Holley will be on show at The Art Society Of Trinidad And Tobago, 3-7 St Vincent Avenue, Federation Park.

Opening Night Wednesday 11th 6-8:30pm

The exhibition continues until March 14th. Gallery opening hours 12-6pm.

All prices are listed in USD*

*Local orders can be paid in TTD, Please contact us for more info

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