The Art Of Giving

There are many reasons to buy art as a gift, it's unique, personal, requires little maintenance, lasts forever (and even often appreciates in value while doing so), not to mention you are supporting local artists. Shopping online also has its perks, avoiding congested roadways is a major objective of most Trini's at this time of year. TT Art Space has added virtual galleries where you can set the parameters of your art search to include price range, size, color and medium to make the shopping experience even easier. We don't think too much more convincing is necessary but here is our art buying guide to give you a few ideas.


High Impact Abstraction

Melissa Battersby and Shalini Singh work in large scale abstractions that are unique and bold. Artwork comes ready to hang and at approachable price points making this a show stopper of a gift. Pictured: 'When Suns Come Out' Shalini Singh

For the Homesick Trini

Send Caribbean love abroad with local scenes painted in watercolour on paper by Tessa Alexander and Rebecca Foster. Lightweight and beautiful these pieces are easy to ship and will bring the warmth to a far flung friend. Pictured below: 'Maracas Beach' Rebecca Foster

Graphic Art Lover

Nicholas Huggins is known for his Caribbean, pop-art flavoured, digital works. These signed limited edition prints make a modern art update to any space. Pictured: 'Floral' Nicholas Huggins

Ocean lover

Ashley Thompson and Liquid Art offer very different interpretations of this favorite subject matter. Choose traditional oil on canvas or a high gloss resin and give someone the gift of being seaside all the time. Pictured: 'Tidal Pools' Liquid Art

Classic On A Budget

Estevan Dubrisingh works in oils and has an old world way with his glossy landscapes and still life pieces. Recent small works from this artist offer that traditional style at a size and price that anyone can appreciate. Pictured: 'Heading North' Estevan Dubrisingh

Big Budget, Big Walls

Richard Rampersad, Sarah Beckett and Bruce Holley work on massive canvases filling spaces with colour. These large scale works carry heavier price tags but are worth it for some truly impressive artwork. Pictured: 'Down By The River' Sarah Beckett

Still Unsure? The safest way to gift art is always with a with a TT Art Space Gift Certificate. Available in USD and TTD it's simple, effective and guaranteed to please. Our strongest recommendation for the art lover in your life.

All prices are listed in USD*

*Local orders can be paid in TTD, Please contact us for more info

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