What's in a frame???

Framing. Not always an easy task and everyone has their own opinions, so how to make sense of it all? Here are a few things to consider (but remember, like art, framing is subjective!)

Framing as part of the art. A common mistake we see with framing is the desire to frame artwork to match the room or décor. Your primary consideration when choosing a frame should be complimenting the art. You want to frame your art in a way that should your room or position of art change the art still works in it's frame. Having said that being mindful of your general aesthetic is always a plus. Unless putting together a gallery wall you don’t want to see frames and furniture in clashing styles and colours. Which leads us to our favorite piece of advice for framing…..simplicity. Simple doesn’t mean boring but it does mean letting the art be the star. Gregory Scott of the Gregory Scott Art Studio advises “The frame should essentially fit the theme of the painting, whether it be a vintage, rustic, ornate or minimalist frame, it all depends on the subject of the painting.”

Still want to add some drama? Consider doubling up! A double matt gives the opportunity to add a pop of colour to accentuate an element of the artwork and a double frame can be used to increase overall size of the artwork if you are looking to fill a larger space. Be warned though that in order to successfully add drama to the piece without detracting from it you will want to follow the framers rule of thumb and ensure “the matt and frame are not the same size in width. To add a little character, the matt should always be smaller or larger than the frame thickness, depending on which you rather stand out more.”

The moral of the story here? Pay attention to your gut, your personal aethetic and most importantly the artwork and then after that TRUST YOUR EXPERT! Framers that have been in the business for a while know all the rules for a successful finished product.

Happy Framing!

More about the Gregory Scott Art Studio: Here at the Art Studio, we import authentic Italian ROMA Moulding from Italy and also handmake local frames with various local woods. We pride ourselves on continuously looking for new and different ways to frame, with our goal in mind to soon become fully local. We range from traditional framing all the way to handmade rustic wooden frames. We also carry some other unique framing options such as acrylic frames if you are looking for something more modern and contemporary, as well as a new and growing product called epoxy resin. Resin looks beautiful applied on the actual artwork itself adding a whole new meaning to the original piece of art. It can also be poured or brushed onto any of our local wood frames adding a sleek, glossy finish. The Art Studio not only offers expert advice on choosing the best frame for your piece, but we also ensure our customers get the highest quality using archival papers and inks from EPSON that will stand the test of time with no color fading!

A little more about Gregory Scott Art Studio:

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