The 5 Gifts You Should Consider For The Art Lover In Your Life

Gift giving can be hard, you need to be thoughtful and original while still considering your budget (we are talking both time and money here), and gift giving for the art lover can be even harder. So to help we have created our list of the 5 best art gifts to get you inspired.

1. A Limited Edition Print

OK, this is my ultimate go to for an art gift. Limited edition prints are great because they have a lower price point for really stand out artwork but still benefit from being hand signed and numbered by the artist. They are part of a limited collection of that print so you won't see a million of these everywhere like poster prints. Tip: ask the artist if a special number of the edition is available.... so if your brother has an affection for the number 9 then have the artist give him edition number 9 of 25 (or whatever the edition size) for that extra special touch.

Our pick - Nicholas Huggins 'Pigeon Point' The detail on this piece is mind boggling just take a look at that distant horizon through the doorway.

2. Functional Art

What is functional art? Functional art is fine art applied to everyday objects and so the perfect marriage of the aesthetic and utilitarian. Examples of these come from our artists Liquid Art and Melissa Battersby who have both taken their abstract works and made them into everyday items such as coasters, cutting boards, pillows and notebooks. Nothing to feel guilty about here, these art gifts are affordable and serve a purpose!

Liquid Art coaster sets start at $160 and trays for just $450

Melissa Battersby's pillows start at just $350TTD and Notebooks $60TTD

3. Minis

Our small art collection is great for the art lover with limited space. Giving an oversized piece of art is not always's a big decision and big commitment. If you want something that has a big effect but is less scary we recommend smaller paintings by Samantha Rochard and Tessa Alexander. Samantha's 6x4 acrylics on canvas are perfect little glimpses of local landscapes and Tessa's fragments series have the loose colourful fluidity of her watercolours captured in a compact size.

Our pick - 'Fragments Series - Rivers Edge'and 'Temple On The Sea'

4. Commission A Portrait

There is nothing more personal that a portrait painting. So for a truly intimate art gift you can get your giftee a picture of themselves or someone close to them immortalised in art. TT Art Space artists Esther Griffith and Laura Ferreira offer very different styles of portraiture so you can choose a style that really captures the essence of that special someone.

5. Gift Certificates

This is the easiest choice for an art gift that is guaranteed to be the perfect fit. TT Art Space gift certificates are available in TTD and USD and mean that the lucky recipient can choose for themselves from nearly 300 pieces of original artwork which means all of the kudos to you for being a great gift giver without all of the headache of choosing what to get (smarty pants!).

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